Taking help of FMM means a proper synchronisation of the consumption rate of flocks along with medicine as well as feed production. With FMM, you can also pull data from Breeder Farm Management (BFM) and predict requirements regarding ingredients and materials. Moreover, FMM performs its work at a low-cost strategy.

While it comes to FMM, Tech Kripa system extracts data from Broiler Farm, Breeder Farm, layer Farm. Moreover, the system can also approximate the feed requirement. Moreover, Feed Mill Management can also estimate Premixes, Medicines, and Raw Material requirements for producing the feed, depending on the system requirement while taking Premix formula as well as Feed Formula into account.

Tech Kripa’s FMM checks the specific Stock level for the needed ingredients for producing feed. The brilliant Feed Mill Management can also create N Number of Formula for Premix as well as Feeds. Manage Complex data efficiently and analyse and come up with a least cost Formula.

Tech Kripa’s FMM MIS system, analyse data by drilling down to individual data entity and give more informational reports to Management .


Creating Customized Feed/ Premix Formula irrespective of Breed, Season  etc. 

Planning Feed Requirement, Assigning Unit wise Production, Sales of Feed/ Premix. 

Our Process: 

Raw Material/ Feed Supplement Procuerement. 


Assigning for Production


Despatch of Feed

Sales of Feed.