Tech Kripa’s eIFLOC offers Hatchery Management (HM) system through which you can easily maintain the hatchery while keeping track of egg production as well as hatchability. HM let users keep an eye to egg receipt, cold room stocks, egg grading, egg candling, egg settings, chick sales, chicks grading, transfer rate, dispatch as well as hatch break open analysis. Hatchery management actually needs proper focus and efforts to acquire the best quality chicks. But, it’s essential to stick to some procedures to ensure your success, such as Biosecurity and hygiene, Egg handling, identification, and storage, Incubation (Setters and Hatchers), Cleaning and disinfection, Egg Candling, Chick processing and vaccination, Recordkeeping, and Maintenance and servicing of equipment. With Tech Kripa, you can keep track of data of all these processes right from its mobile dashboard. You can also analyze hatch performance in Tech Kripa’s mobile dashboard. The main goal is to acquire good hatching eggs because it creates the basis for future poultry eggs and meat. Along with all other factors, special attention needs to be provided on the process optimization while the chicks move towards rearing or broiler farm from the hatchery.

Egg Receiving 

Egg Grading 

Egg Setting 

Egg Candling/ Transfer to Hatcher

Chick Production

Chick grading 

Chick Sales/ Transfer to Broiler Farms

Break Open Analysis