While you start using BFM of Tech Kripa’s Poultry Software, you can track a myriad of parameters crucial for poultry management, such as water consumption, bird weight, mortality rate (if applicable), feeding, production forecasting, post mortem assessment, and flock performance. You can also figure out and make comparisons on real-time productions, hatching eggs count, and BIOS security.

The lifecycle of a chicken is split into different stages. Hatching is an important stage that’s all about Hatching Eggs production Now, the success of your Breeding Farm will be counted in terms of egg performance. However, grading of eggs is a great technique to divide the eggs based on their quality and Egg Weight, Eggs are graded and rejection eggs like Jumbo, Pullet, Leather, Table eggs are separated. Hatching eggs are kept in Cold room and also inventory is maintained. 

Here Flock to standards Comparison, Flock to flock performance analysing is the key data in MIS. 

Receiving Flock

Flock Shed Housing

Flock Daily Transaction( Feed Intake, Mortality, Egg Collection Input, Medication)

Egg Grading 

Egg Sales/ Egg Transfer to Hatchery

Post Mortem

Cull Bird Sales